Impacted by economic, technological, political and social changes, the aerospace industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Innovation is driving change through digitisation and through the creation of new, value-adding services. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are achieving compliance with international and local regulatory requirements.


Bureau Veritas offers a comrehensive range of compliance services specific to the aerospace sector, working closely with manufacturers and operators to help minimise risk and meet regulatory requirements in line with fast-paced sector changes.

  • Process management We can help to ensure your management systems are certified and that you have the skills and processes to evaluate and manage them effectively. Our team can work in partnership to verify that the development of your new products is based on robust processes, such as APQP, and shared with your customers and suppliers, whilst all specific processes are accredited.
  • Equipment manufacturing  From product conformity assessment to supplier quality management, Bureau Veritas helps to ensure your products, facilities and systems achieve quality and standardisation across your supply chain.
  • Safety and compliance Our services help to ensure effective management of security, health and safety, and environmental issues, including safe operation and handling of hazardous chemicals, management of industrial risks and data protection measures.