Your trusted partner in energy transition

Jun. 22 2022

At Bureau Veritas, we want to help you understand an issue, solve a problem, or even make informed decisions. Through our in-depth interactions with global clients across a wide span of industries, Bureau Veritas is able to capture real-world experience and best practices for our whitepapers.

With climate change being one of the main challenges of our generation, regulators, businesses and society as a whole are increasingly calling for a swift energy transition. Acting on this urgency, an increasing number of organisations are setting themselves ambitious targets, including climate-neutral or net-zero targets. To help you understand the transition to greener energy sources while progressing towards net zero, we have prepared 3 whitepapers for you.

  1. CCUS and The Path to Net Zero
  2. Carbon: Reducing Emissions, Demonstrating Transparency
  3. Hydrogen: Developing The Value Chain For Sustainably Produced Energy
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