CNA Luxury story on the effectiveness of deep-cleaning for homes

Jul. 13 2020

Thinking of deep cleaning your home?

Here’s what you need to look out for

Cleaning experts in Singapore share their tips on keeping viruses and germs at bay indoors.

It was welcome news when Phase 2 kicked it and it was announced that we could have up to five visitors in our homes at any one time. But this also means that each time we go out – or someone pops over – some pathogens will inevitable be carted indoors.

David Simon, an EHS and Risk Manager with Bureau Veritas Singapore, which conducts testing, inspection and certification services mainly for companies with office, retail and commercial spaces, defined deep cleaning as “an in-depth cleaning process with extensive coverage of a place or area”.

He said: “It is unlike a normal regular cleaning or spring cleaning and varies from sanitisation or disinfection. Deep-clean service is commonly used when a vacated house or room is handed over, and before and after a tenant moves in or out. It is usually carried out by a specialist and would require the room to be partially or, preferably, fully vacated. Moveable furniture or objects will have to be shifted or dismantled to access hard-to-reach spaces.”