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BVAQ Singapore



Established in Singapore by AsureQuality in 2010, BVAQ Singapore is the leading food, dairy and infant formula analytical laboratory in South East Asia. Close links with AsureQuality New Zealand provide the basis of the capabilities required to meet your testing needs. With proven capability in chemical, micro-nutrient and microcbiological analysis, your quality control, environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance testing requirements can be met. 

Our Testing Services

  • Micro-nutrients

    Our laboratory performs a wide range of analysis, from vitamins to and fatty acid profiles, to trace elements and proximate tests.

  • Microbiological

    The microbiology laboratory can meet you QA, QC and environmental monitoring program requirements. We can offer a choice of methods for most test to meet your needs including rapid PCR pathogen analysis of food and dairy samples.

  • Chemical

    A full range of tests is offered for analysis of raw materials through to final product and label claim testing. Contact us for a full list.

  • Quality

    Our laboratory quality systems are ISO 17025 accredited and can provide SAC SINGLAS approved test methods.