Asset Failure Investigations

Bureau Veritas’ highly skilled engineers have the subject matter expertise to investigate asset breakdowns and failures, identify the root causes and provide recommendations for preventative measures. This ensures improved performance and safety and reduces organisational risk for clients. 

Breakdown and failures cost industries billions of dollars each year, and often failures are not investigated leaving root causes unknown and underlying issues not addressed. Bureau Veritas’ engineering professionals provide expert failure analysis, cause of failure reviews, RBI (Risk Based Inspection services), and provide expert technical consulting for asset/design problem solving.

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Materials Testing, Failure Investigation and Asset Management. Bureau Veritas specialises in helping clients minimise employee and public safety risk, improve asset utilisation, manage and understand maintenance requirements and can assist with understanding and managing asset/material failure risk. We have expertise in metallurgical analysis, welding engineering, material selection and processing and corrosion management. Our laboratories have extensive mechanical testing, metallurgical examination and chemical analysis facilities, providing our customers with the appropriate level of expertise and experience to ensure we find solutions to their problems.